Saturday, April 13, 2013

2013 Topps Heritage Blaster Box and A Rack Pack

I decided to head to Target to see what the Topps Heritage series had to offer.  While there I wasn't sure whether to buy a couple rack packs or a blaster pack, hell I ended up leaving with both. I was really impressed, I seem to really like the 1964 design and the thick cardboard feel. I was hoping to pull some Giants cards since I try complete the Giants team set in the Heritage series. I pulled a couple inserts and rookies, I was overall very pleased even though I didn't pull a hit. Thanks for reading.
Probably the best card I pulled, as we all know Machado is a great young up and comer and Bundy is one of the best pitching prospects in MLB so this card was a great pull.
I pulled 5 Giants for my team set project, but best of all I got a Barry Zito card as you guys will come to find out I am the biggest Planet Zito fan threw thick and thin, but nonetheless its a great looking card. I will soon post about my Zito collection.
Sweet Cain and Posey Insert
Here are more inserts I got which I really liked, especially the 2012 NL Pitching Leaders card.
Lastly here are the Dodgers cards, I pulled a the brawler Greinke and the red hot Carl Crawford . I like to always complete the Dodgers Team set for my girlfriend even though it burns my skin when I touch any Dodger items.


  1. LoL burns ur skin.

    I hope my Dodger cap burns LA into your blog site. haha

  2. Congrats on all the Giants, nice to see another Giants fan on the blogs.